try, its cold now

dimly lit living rooms are where conversations like this usually take place. it’s slightly awkward, and the silence reverberates into something tangible. it’s so filling that the one word responses to each other seem like glitches in a greater machine. a machine that produces silence. or does it destroy other noises? the lights on the christmas tree create […]

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the very last door

he turns back around and he tries to remember the word. the exact right word to describe it, because teeth so perfect they look fake would make less sense than the word he wants to use. he grips the stack of leather-bound journals until his hands tremble and they turn red. veneers. a breath of […]

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the moon, neil, and the rover

a waiter comes by he fills a heavily condensating glass with ice water, he lingers before walking off in search of half-empty cups. after each long drink of water, he wipes his hands off on his pants. the condensation stains down to his thighs and chills his body. there’s this faint, nearly imperceptible fluttering that […]

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flash step death

what my diary has been like this week i imagine the way i’ll die sometimes. for some reason lately i imagine it like the painting the death of marat. laying slumped over in a bathtub full of blood. there wouldn’t be a stab wound in my chest, there wouldn’t be a stab wound anywhere. honestly […]

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